Please check your old Fiat Doblo cabin air filter size before ordering this product as some models can have different sized filters.
Here at Cabin Air Filters Australia we have taken a whole new approach to cabin air filtration ,allowing you to breathe the cleanest air possible in your Fiat Doblo

Our cabin air filters have an overall thickness of 25 mm ,the air travels through 1000’s of tiny pores constantly changing direction depositing microscopic particles along the way, over the entire 25 mm thickness of the 3 activated carbon filtering layers. 

As opposed to a standard filter where the air only passes through 2 mm thin material in an old style “W shaped pleated” Fiat Doblo air conditioner filter.

So you may find our Cabin Air Filters Australia different in overall height to your old cabin air filter. 

It is just a superior design to your old 2 mm thin cabin air filter and will fit where the old style Fiat Doblo cabin air filter was installed.  

Our Cabin Air Filter has a 1st 15 mm Thick layer of air filter sponge which is 100% coated in activated carbon this layer traps allergy-causing particles such as pollen, dust, fungus spores and is the first layer of noxious odour and pollution absorption.

Fiat Doblo Cabin air filter also has precision cut pockets on the top surface to trap leaves and larger debris. 

The 2nd and 3rd layers of much finer filter material also 100% carbon coated ,traps and absorbs as much as possible, very dangerous microscopic particles such as Bacteria, Air born heavy metals, harmful gases such as diesel exhaust particulates and ozone.

Combined with our low allergy red cast acrylic support base Designed to suit your Fiat Doblo cabin air pollen filter.

Providing the best protection possible from pollution entering your vehicles interior ventilation system.

Your new premium Fiat Doblo Cabin Air pollen Filter is designed to be replaced yearly as the micro pores of the activated carbon absorb the dangerous contaminates and become less effective over time.

Also replacing the Fiat Doblo air-conditioner filter yearly helps keep the air-conditioner working at peak performance

Interchangeable with(May interchange with other part numbers)
CITROEN 6479 60
CITROEN 6479 84
FIAT 55702456
FIAT 71754151
FRAM CF10282
LANCIA 77365638
OPEL 18 08 012
OPEL 68 08 623
OPEL 6808622
PEUGEOT 6479 61

Dimensions265 × 218 mm