The Subaru Forester cabin air filter features a sophisticated multi-stage Carbon air purification system to protect comprehensively against various pollutants and odours. This ensures that you and your passengers can enjoy cleaner and fresher air, promoting a healthier and more comfortable driving experience. Here’s how the filtration system works.

Activated Carbon Material

Activated carbon, known for its excellent adsorption properties, is the primary component of the filtration system. Its porous structure and large surface area allow it to effectively capture and trap pollutants, odours, and harmful gases from the air.

Multiple Layer

 The Subaru Forester Hybrid cabin air filter is not just a single activated carbon layer. It consists of multiple layers of this material arranged in a specific sequence to optimise filtration efficiency. Each layer is designed to target different types and sizes of contaminants, ensures that the air entering the vehicle’s interior is thoroughly cleaned and purified,

Pollutant Removal

As air passes through the Subaru Forester Hybrid cabin air filter, the activated carbon layers capture pollutants such as dust, pollen, mould spores, bacteria, exhaust fumes, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The carbon’s porous structure traps these particles, preventing them from circulating within the vehicle’s cabin.

Odour Neutralisation

The activated carbon in the Subaru Forester Hybrid pollen filter doesn’t just capture pollutants. It also adsorbs odorous molecules from the air, neutralising unpleasant smells and ensuring a fresher interior environment. Thus, occupants have a healthier and more comfortable driving experience.

Enhanced Seal Design

Unlike standard cabin air filters, which may have gaps or inadequate seals around the edges and housing, the Subaru Forester Cabin Air Filter is precisely engineered to provide a better seal. This is achieved using an acrylic support base, which increases the filter’s rigidity and helps it maintain a tight seal within the filter housing.

Pre-filter Carbon Stage

This is the first filtration layer, consisting of a 15 mm thick pre-filter activated carbon filter sponge layer. It traps larger particles such as pollen, dust, mites, fungus spores, pet hair, and organic and inorganic material. Additionally, it absorbs noxious odours and pollutants, serving as the initial defence against contamination.

2nd and 3rd Carbon Stages

The second and third layers are each over 4 mm thick and composed of progressively finer carbon filter material. These layers target smaller particles such as bacteria, airborne heavy metals, harmful gases, diesel exhaust particulates, and chemicals. They further enhance the filtration process by trapping and absorbing these hazardous contaminants.

Replace Yearly

For optimal performance of your Subaru Forester Hybrid Cabin Air Filter, it’s recommended that you replace the filter annually or more frequently in severe conditions. This regular maintenance is essential, as the micropores of the activated carbon can gradually lose their effectiveness when saturated with contaminants. By adhering to this recommendation, you ensure that your air conditioning system operates at its peak and provides the best possible protection against pollution.

About our filters and things to note before ordering

Your Subaru Forester Hybrid cabin air filter is proudly made and designed in Australia, ensuring high-quality standards and supporting local manufacturing.


It’s constructed using non-toxic adhesives, prioritising filtered air safety.


The filter is 25 mm thick, which may differ from older Subaru Forester pollen filters. However, this design offers superior efficiency and a snug fit in the filter housing, enhancing its effectiveness in filtering air.

Size Verification Before Ordering

Before placing an order, it’s recommended that you check the size of your old Subaru Forester Hybrid cabin air filter to ensure compatibility with the new filter. This step helps guarantee your satisfaction with the product.

Filter location, fitting video, Vehicle model notes

Subaru Forester Hybrid Cabin Air Filter Location …… Behind Glovebox 

Subaru  Cabin Air Filter fitting Video ….. click here

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Interchangeable With(may be interchangeable with other part numbers)
SUBARU 72880-FG000
SUBARU 72880FG0009P
SUBARU X7288-FG000
SUBARU X7288-FG010
SUBARU X7288O-FL000/FL010
WIX 24030
WIX WP2032
Dimensions225 × 215 mm