NISSAN NAVARA N-TREK WARRIOR Cabin air filter triple-layer carbon cabin filter, Australian Made. Part number CAFA110NAT
How Our Filters Work

As the air moves through 1000’s of tiny pores constantly swirling and changing direction depositing microscopic particles along the way, Though over 20 mm thickness of 3 progressively finer activated carbon filtering layers.

Particles stick to the carbons rough surface, and noxious odours, gases and chemicals are absorbed by the carbons microscopic pores.

1st Layer

Our Cabin Air Filter has a 1st 15 mm thick layer of activated carbon filter sponge. This layer traps allergy-causing particles such as pollen, dust, mites, fungus spores, pet hair, organic and inorganic material and is the first layer of noxious odour and pollution absorption. 

2nd and 3rd Layers

Second and third layers of progressively finer carbon filter material over 4 mm thick. Traps and absorbs dangerous microscopic particles such as Bacteria, Airborne heavy metals, harmful gases, diesel exhaust particulates, chemicals, and ozone as much as possible. Supported by our low allergy custom-made acrylic base designed for your air conditioner. We are providing the best possible protection from pollution entering your Nissan Navara HVAC system.

Why Our Filters Are Better
  • Standard cabin air filters the contaminated air only passes through 2 mm thin material in an old-style “W shaped pleated” Nissan Navara N-Trek cabin air pollen filter.
  • In our Cabin air filter, the contaminated air travels through the entire 20 mm of 3 carbon layers giving vastly improved chemical absorption and filtration.
  • The filter is also designed to provide a better seal around the filter edge and filter housing to reduce contaminates bypassing the cabin air filter.
Replace Yearly

Your new premium Nissan Navara N-Trek Cabin Air pollen filter is designed to be replaced yearly, as the micropores of the activated carbon absorb the dangerous contaminates and become less effective over time. Also, replacing the cabin air filter keeps your Air-conditioner operating at peak performance.

About Our Filters
  • All our filters are Made and Designed in Australia 
  • Using low Toxic Adhesives
  • You may find our 25 mm thick filter different in thickness to your old cabin filter.
  • It’s a superior, more efficient design that seals around the edge and will be a snug fit in the housing once installed
  • Low allergy Acrylic filter support frames are precision cut to suit your Nissan N-Trek Air-Conditioner
  • Activated Carbon is sourced from Coconut Shells.  
  • Australian made recyclable packaging


Fitting information

Nissan Navara Cabin Air Filter Location …… Behind Glovebox 

Our Nissan Navara  Cabin Air Filter fitting Video is on YouTube….. YouTube video click here!

Interchangeable with (may interchange with other numbers)
WACF 0090
NISSAN 27274 WD000
NISSAN 27275-0N025
NISSAN 27275-1W700
NISSAN 27277 4N025
NISSAN 27277-4M400
NISSAN 27277-4M425
NISSAN 27277-9W125
NISSAN 27277-AG025
NISSAN 27891-BM400
NISSAN 27891-BM401
NISSAN 27891-BM402
NISSAN 27891-BM410
NISSAN 999M1-VP001
NISSAN 999M1-VP051
NISSAN B720-05-U100
NISSAN B7200 A0125
NISSAN B7200-5M000
NISSAN B7200-5M500
NISSAN B7200-A0025
NISSAN B727A-79925
Dimensions 220 × 218 mm