Cabin Air Filters | Installation Guide (Under Bonnet)
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Installation Guide (Under Bonnet)

Step 1


Find your old cabin filter located in the engine bay on the passenger side directly below the windscreen(for a Holden Commodore). Starting at passenger side peel back weather strip until the cover join is exposed; remove the 6 plastic clips by inserting a flat blade screw driver under centre section of clips.

NOTE: Our images shown are generic for under bonnet (hood) install and variances between car makes and models will occur.

Step 2


After your have removed the weather strip and the plastic clips to access the filter you will then need to remove the plenum chamber cover by easing it past the bonnet strut.

Step 3


After you have removed the plastic cover, clean filter chamber before removing the old mesh screen. Then remove old screen and discard and clean rest of chamber. Then gently slide in the new filter.

Step 4


Carefully install your new filter with the red acrylic base facing TOWARDS the cabin, locate bottom of filter in the slots at bottom of chamber. And then slowly push top of filter into place your new filter is NOT designed to be bent and if it is located properly in lower slot it will push into place easily.

Step 5


Reinstall chamber cover in the reverse order.


Your new carbon filter is designed to be replaced yearly as the activated carbon layers that absorb pollutants become less effective over time.



If you have any questions regarding your filter installation please feel free to email us at or see our fitting video’s on Facebook/cabin air filters Australia

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