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About Us

A new approach to cabin air filters

Here at Cabin Air Filters Australia we have taken a whole new approach to cabin air filtration and it’s through our latest multi-layered activated carbon technology we are delivering the best and cleanest air possible.


Our products have redefined what cabin air filters should be capable of achieving when compared to most standard filters in the market today. Watch our Cabin Filter video below…

Our Products


Our cabin air filters are a completely new Australian redesign of the old style cabin air pollen filter,used  for the interior ventilation system of your car (HVAC system), they are designed to fit perfectly where the old style ‘pleated’ cabin air pollen filter fits.


Cabin Air Filters Australia have taken a giant leap forward in cabin filter design when compared with current standards. Our three separate layers of filtration material has a combined thickness of 20mm. When we compare that to most other pollen air filters currently available today that have material thickness of just 2mm.


If you want to know that the air in your car is as clean and pure as possible then try one of our cabin air filters, you’ll be glad you did.

Click HERE to watch our cabin filter video

How Our Filters Work

As the air moves through 1000’s of tiny pores constantly swirling and changing direction depositing microscopic particles along the way, Though over 20 mm thickness of 3 progressively finer activated carbon filtering layers.

Particles stick to the carbons rough surface and noxious odours ,gases and chemicals are absorbed by the carbons microscopic pores.

Our Cabin Air Filter has a 1st 15 mm Thick layer of activated carbon filter sponge this layer traps allergy-causing particles such as pollen, dust, mites, fungus spores ,pet hair ,organic and inorganic material and is the first layer of noxious odour and pollution absorption filter also has precision cut pockets to trap leaves and large debris. 

Second and third layers of progressively finer Activated carbon coated filter material over 4 mm thick .Traps and absorbs much as possible dangerous microscopic particles such as Bacteria, Air born heavy metals, harmful gases, diesel exhaust particulates ,chemicals in smoke and ozone  combining to give 3 layers of Activated carbon absorption

All supported by our custom made low allergy filter support base to suit your Vehicle

Providing the best possible protection from pollution entering your vehicles interior..

Why Our Filters are Better

Standard filter the air only passes through 2 mm thin material in an old style “W shaped pleated”  air conditioner filter.

Most of these filters only remove Dust and larger debris some filters have a small amount of carbon added and are an improvement ,but the air still only passes straight through a 2 mm thin layer of material before entering your vehicle.

So you may find our  Cabin Air Filters different in overall height to your old cabin air filter. 

It is just a superior design to your old 2 mm thin cabin air pollen filter and will fit where the old style  Cabin Air Filter was installed.  

Replace Yearly

Your new premium Cabin Air Filters Australia Cabin Air pollen Filter is designed to be replaced yearly . 

Unfortunately, like most good things, activated carbon eventually stops working.

That’s because the carbon’s surface has becomes full of all the impurities that it has adsorbed.

When that happens, your air no longer gets clean and the smells will return

Also replacing the car  air-conditioner filter yearly helps keep the air-conditioner working at peak performance.

About our Filters

All our filters are Made and Designed in Australia 

Using low Toxic Marine Grade Adhesives,

Low allergy filter material support frames are precision cut to suit your Vehicle

Activated Carbon is Sourced from Coconut Shells.  

Honestly it’s not just ‘the old vs the new’ when our products are compared to our competitors it’s a matter of ‘standard vs premium’!

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Current ‘pollen air filters’ only trap large debris, dust and particles.Hence the name “cabin air pollen filter”, Our filters bring a whole new approach to cabin air filtration delivering outstanding results and the cleanest air possible.


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