Cabin Air Filters | Premium Quality Carbon Filters
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Welcome to Cabin Air Filters Australia

Breathe the cleanest pollution free air possible

We believe that you should Breathe the Cleanest air possible INSIDE your Vehicle. At Cabin Air Filters Australia, We have taken a whole new approach to Air filtration inside your car.

Our Proudly Australian made distributed & Designed cabin air filters have redefined what a cabin Filter is capable of achieving when compared to current thin fabric or paper cabin air filters.

Our unique 3 individual layers of Carbon giving a total of over 20mm thick of Carbon filtration  , compared to normal filter with only a 2mm layer of non carbon paper or fabric .

All our 3 layers of our Carbon material is supported by our custom made filter support base custom tailored to suit your vehicle.

All integrating together to give you the Cleanest, Freshest, Pollution free air possible inside you car. 

With FREE same day Express postage within in Australia.

And competitive shipping cost worldwide.

To all our Overseas customers we distribute worldwide for availability & shipping costs

please contact us at for a customised quote .

 easy & secure payments Worldwide are available with a Credit Card or PayPal.


Please CLICK here to watch Our Demonstration video on Youtube

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If your vehicle is not listed feel free to contact us.

For you all Cabin Air Filter Design needs contact our design team through our website for –

Not yet listed motor vehicles • Four wheel drives • Trucks


  • Our filters are proudly Australian Made & Designed to suit local conditions from heavy city traffic to off road use
  • We deliver a vastly improved standard of fresh clean pollution free air to the interior of you car.
  • All our filters feature 3 independent activated carbon filtering layers totalling over 22mm Thick Carbon filtration.
  • Find you filter now on our website.
  • If your vehicle is not listed feel free to contact us
  • Not yet listed motor vehicles.
  • Four wheel drives
  • Trucks
  • To all our Overseas customers we distribute worldwide for availability & shipping costs please contact us at a customised quote with credit card or PayPal payment


All of our Cabin Air Filters feature 3 individual layers of activated carbon filter material delivering the Cleanest Freshest pollution free air possible to the inside of your car.

Available for most  makes and model cars built in the last 10-15 years… find yours now.


Most Cars built in the last 10-15 years have a place for a Cabin Air Filter.On most cars they are an easy DIY install behind the glovebox with no tools or experience needed.

Click here to watch one of our fitting videos

Many of our filters have an installation video link to our YOUTUBE channel to make fitting even easier.

We also make “custom size” flat panel Cabin Air Filters for many cars and trucks if yours is not listed please feel free to contact us


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